Deep Gratitude to my clients for sharing their experience and results and to give hope and clarity to those of you who are looking for help.



“I saw that my 16 year old son was on the verge of exhaustion and that for some time he had not been the same, he felt unhappy and his internal stress was no longer manageable. He didn’t want to go to a therapist, but, he needed help. I contacted Josée. She immediately started Emotion Code sessions remotely, and suggested removing his Heart-Wall.  After each session, after each layer removed from his Heart-Wall I saw him change, relive, be stronger, on the road to recovery! He even told me that he felt happier! His enthusiasm and joie de vivre returned, he is creative again, and he found himself.

My son also changed his way of seeing things, very positively. He is great at managing his stress and to distance himself from his work and his training when before, many situations would have easily worried him, and he would have got all worked up; not anymore! He is also able to recover his energy with incredible speed and he also has a better quality of sleep. He wants to do things now that his energy is available and that he feels uplifted. He reconnected with friends, has fun, and most of all, it a real joy to see him living his teenage life! I am so grateful to Josée for his transformation, my Son is like brand new! The process took place with lightness, love and efficiency, with remote sessions, without traumatic discussions and in just over a month!   Josée’s works is powerful and effective!  Just go for it!” – Sandra.

“I found a lump on my breast and went to see doctors to have it checked and they said to monitor it.  I was constantly thinking about it and touching it and was worried to just wait and see. After 4 months of waiting, I decided to talked to Josée about it as I knew she was working in energy healing. She offered to do some remote Emotion Code sessions to see what comes up.                                                                                                                        After the first session, even if the lump was still there I was all of a sudden not worried and not thinking about it that much. Later, the lump started to shrink and then completely disappeared!  I was so happy and grateful with the result, I asked her to work on my Heart-Wall. As soon as she started to shed away some layers,  I could feel different with a feeling of lightness and openness.  I became happier and more able to help others when they are facing a tough time, as before I could feel guilt (not too sure why, but now I know it was from trapped emotions!)  not knowing what to say or how to react and feeling so uncomfortable. When a really close friend had a car accident and became quadriplegic, Josée’s work on removing my Heart-Wall allowed me to have the energy to be there for her, to feel comfortable to help my friend with all my love without feeling guilty to be healthy. I have never felt this way before! Also, I feel much happier and when I smile I feel it really comes from my heart!  I recommend Josée’s energy work to anyone. We all carry stuff and to have it released for good is an amazing sensation!”  – Sarah.


” I have been suffering from psoriatic arthritis for more than 25 years. The psoriasis was spread out to my feet, hands, scalp, groin, armpits, and when the episodes were extreme, my skin was raw and bleeding, I had to drive with wet cloths under my armpits. The painful arthritis was at my ankles, knees, shoulders. I’ve tried every creams and cortisone injections, as well as different specialists and rheumatologists.  I was about to have an injection of a new medication when Josée spoke with me about trapped emotions. She did an Emotion Code distance session and told me she released 21 emotions and that the psoriasis will get better in 14 to 19 days. I saw my skin gradually turn to pink, and in about 15 days, the psoriasis is all gone, and never came back since the session in January 2013! Gradually the arthritis disappeared after 2 months, I do not feel pain in my joints since.
Josée had worked with me on other health issues that are since gone also:
Arnold’s neuralgia Syndrome ( occipital nerve neuralgia) after 5 years of pain and all kinds or treatments it is completely gone since January 2013.
Unexplained anemia, so untreated: gone.  Thank you so much Josée! ”  – Francine.

“Last winter, I was very stuck in my low back, could not move, I was walking painfully, bending over. I talked with Josée, and she offered me to do some distance healing with an Emotion Code session.  The morning after I was shovelling snow in my driveway, and later that day I was playing pool with my friends!  – Réal.


” About 3 years ago, I was playing hockey and received a slap shot right on my throat. I was sore and it went away, but since then I was always having chronic throat infections, very sore throat, my voice was weaker and I could not talk for long period without pain. I saw specialists, had series of antibiotics, had a CT scan done that did not show anything wrong, so, nothing could help me. Then Josée worked on me and did some Bio-Energy sessions that was instantly soothing for my throat, and finished with 1 session of Emotion Code to release emotions that got trapped at the time of the event:  Since then, in November 2014, I did not have any other throat infection or soreness and can talk all day without pain! It is all back to normal!  Thank you!”  – Stéphane.

” For years, after a back surgery, I suffered from sharp nerve pain in my right leg that was also keeping me from experiencing a full night sleep, waking up often in pain. The Bio-Energy Healing treatments and  1 Emotion Code session have relieved the soreness to such an entent, and I do not wake up in pain at night. I do not have pain in my leg since! I also want to say that when Josée was working on me in Bio-Energy, it really gave me a calming influence and I could feel the energy and see it going thru me in a beautiful golden light. I could sit and shed tears of joy! Thank you my friend!”  – Patricia.

” I fell down icy stairs 6 years ago,  bruised and sore all over my left side and since I was suffering from very bad low back and shoulders pain that I had treated with massages and visits to the physio with no real lasting relief. I love to ride my bicycle and I could not enjoy it anymore.  Josée gave me 2 Bio-Energy sessions;  at the 1st session, I felt instant relief, but still sharp pain next to my spine that subsided later. At the 2nd session, I felt very hot and fuzzy just at the spot next to my spine and then a big heavy blob of pain went to my left side and felt like it exited from my body! I felt very relaxed also and my shoulders were feeling way better too. I had to go back home, so Josée offered me to do distance healing also to see if anything was trapped still: all the pain is gone! I biked all summer and I have just finished my season with 300 km with no shoulder pain! I am so grateful!”  – Thérèse.


” Since an injury years ago in my late teens, I had pain in my lower back area that was always present. Any activity done was making it more painful,  and I could not sleep on my stomach. It was a 7 on a scale from 1 to 10. After the 1st session of Bio-Energy Healing the pain was gone, it was a “0”! I continued the course of treatment to find myself still with no pain.  I help my son move after the 2nd session, lifting and carrying heavy items, going up and down stairs pain free and everyone was amazed to see how energetic and mobile I was. My children also commented on how different in general I seemed, wondering what happened to me! After each session, I also felt very calm and yet energized and my sleep improved too!”  – Carmen.

“Since May 2014, I was dealing with a hernia next to my belly button. The pain was varying but sometimes I was not able to walk, attend work, lift heavier objects or carry my 2 children. I was about to have a surgery that would have left me with a scar. That, was the only solution offered to me, until Josée gave me some Bio-Energy Healing sessions! During the 5 weeks of the duration of the course of treatment, the pain decreased, most days I had no pain at all, or if some slight pain, it would go away quickly. By the end of the final session, the pain is gone, I don’t feel the hernia bulging out anymore since, I can lift my children, run, do yoga, and feel stronger with positive energy and thoughts! I am so grateful I don’t have to have surgery anymore!” – Sabrina.

” After several visits for massages and also to a physiotherapist, I was still having trouble with my left shoulder, feeling pain associated with limited movements. Also, my knee and ankle started to be more painful. After a regular course of Bio-Energy sessions, I am now able to move my arm and shoulder, I have almost no pain at all which also helps my sleep because the pain was waking me up before. My knee is also great, my ankle is way better and as a bonus, I feel more relaxed, positive and energetic! Thank you!” – Guylaine.

” When I showed up for my first session of Bio-Energy Healing, I was having pain in my arthritic knee joints and hands, the right hand and thumb area were red, hot, very painful and swollen.  After the 1 st session, the thumb area was no longer painful, was cool to the touch, the redness and the swelling was gone! My left hand also has no symptoms.  My knees feel stronger, less pain and I was able to cycle 80 km after the 4th session, and I have not thought about my knees going up and down stairs. I can comfortably hold this pen while writing, and I am able to do reno’s at my house, painting, tiling, holding and working with a screwdriver, a lot…! I also feel more connected, calmer, more “in line”! “ This is great!  – Suzanne.


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