The Emotion Code


Are you ready to let go and delete your emotional baggage that is holding you down and in the past?  Would you like to put an end to what is hurting inside and causing pain also outside?  Now is the time to experience your life fully, to be authentic and fulfilled!   Let’s release your trapped emotions!

What is The Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code is a healing arts technique founded by Dr. Bradley Nelson that helps me to identify and release trapped emotions also known as “emotional baggage” without having to talk about it or go back to that place of event that was traumatic.

Releasing trapped emotions makes conditions right for the body to heal, allowing physical and emotional difficulties to disappear or become much more manageable.  Your energy and clarity are increased, mood is uplifted!

I can help with Emotion Code for any specific physical or emotional issues. ( As Heart-Wall Removal is for general deeper emotional baggage removal. Please visit the page. )

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We can all feel the energy of our emotions. Our life without emotions would be pretty boring. But, some emotions could sometimes be too much to handle or be fully expressed. When those negative emotional energies become trapped within our body, they may adversely affect us, in many ways and on different levels, affecting our health, behaviour, wellbeing, creating pains and health problems, dis-eases and even sabotage all our efforts to create the life we want.

Do you ever feel that you are struggling under the weight of something that you can’t quite put your finger on? Whatever you tried, some issues never went away? Are you going in circle creating the same patterns and never getting out of this roundabout?  It can be because of trapped emotions!

We know from quantum physics that our very own body is ultimately nothing but a very complex energy field, a big gathering of particles in movement. When you are feeling a very strong negative emotion such as anger, shock, rejection, humiliation, low self-esteem, grief, despair and so on, you are actually experiencing a precise frequency of vibrational energy that is unique to that emotion. If this emotional vibration is powerful enough, it may prove to be too much for the physical body, and part of this energy may become “stuck” in your body.

Consciously, we know very little about what those trapped emotions may be harbouring, but the subconscious mind is fully aware of all you have been through and knows precisely which trapped emotion contributed to a disruption, a blockage, and where it is lodged, creating pain and health problems. We are often not even aware when an emotion gets stuck but the baggage and it’s disruptions become heavier and heavier to carry. Other times we really know, we feel it when it is associated with a special event, trauma or time in our life.

How do I help: I am asking a series of questions to your energy body to quickly uncover the exact emotion that has become trapped. Then, I name the emotion and release the frequency of the vibrational energy of this precise emotion. You do not have to do anything, just allow the process.  We do not discuss it, and you do not have to go through the story again. The data is gone!

I work mainly remotely, you do not need to be present with me physically. There are no differences between live or distance sessions, the result will be the same!

It is easier and faster for you.  No need to go anywhere or schedule a fixed appointment. You can be in any part of the globe!

To get started: send me an email at: and tell me the exact, precise issue you want me to work on. I will reply and ask you a few questions, your age, so I can easily target the time the emotions became trapped when needed, and we will rate the issue on a scale of 0 to 10, so we can both mesure the before and after results.

I will reply to you to give you the result of the session with which emotions have been released. If you prefer, you do not need to know what came up, the result is the same.

You can feel tired for a couple hours after the session as your body is processing the release. It is best to wait a few days between sessions.

For live sessions:  contact me with your info and we will book a time. I will be happy to meet you at my healing studio.

To get started, contact me at:



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