Bio-Energy Healing


Let your energy flow!

Do you feel stressed? Overwhelmed? Exhausted?

Do you feel scattered and like someone else is living your life?

Do you feel stuck, with your health, your creativity, your life?

Do you have aches and pain?

Free your energy!!

When your energy is stuck, not flowing, you can feel stressed, exhausted, scattered and overwhelmed. You are aware that you are not functioning at full capacity and know that you are capable of so much more!  Your body is also telling you, manifesting aches and pains, you feel low, and need to recharge.

Bio-Energy Healing get your energy flowing freely through your body.

It is a gentle, yet powerful healing modality.  It requires very little touch, is very relaxing and enjoyable to receive; a real treat for your body, mind and spirit; you will feel like you’ve just had a deep massage, with almost no touch!

How do I help: I begin with a series of hand movements around you to get you relaxed, to increase the flow of energy and bring blockages in your energy field to the surface.  Once the blocks have been identified in the Bio-Field, I use different healing techniques to release the blocks and re-establish the natural flow of energy. When the flow of energy is restored, I then will balance and ground you before completing the treatment. You will feel calm, focused, and energized at the same time!

A majority of the treatment is given in a standing position with a shorter portion in a seated position, giving all access to your bio-field. There is very minimal touch.

Bio-Energy Healing helps to reduce and melt away aches and pain, assist to a faster recovery and healing after surgery or accident, increase your energy, restart your body for better fertility, digestion, health, wellbeing, calms any type of stress or anxiety related conditions, give clarity and open creativity, and so much more!

What is a full course of treatment:
A typical Bio-Energy Healing course of treatment is 5 sessions taking place over 4 consecutive weeks with a follow up session after 3 weeks, or,  for acute pain or issue over 4 consecutive days, with a follow up after 3 weeks.

Each session is different as I am using different techniques to move and build energy, you will feel your energy flowing more freely and some shifts and release happening!

Depending upon the nature of a your condition, and how long you have had it, you may require a few more sessions. I often combine the treatment with emotional release, if needed, to reinforce the release of past events that are blocking your energy.  Please see Emotion Code for all the details.

What can you expect to experience:
During sessions you may feel heat or cold, tingling sensations and also swaying or movement of the body. You may feel that something is pulled out of your body. This is your energy at work!  You can become more aware of your illness or issue for a few days as your body starts to release years of stagnant energy. You may also notice very little happening initially but find that your issue have disappeared over the weeks following the sessions.  This example is like a traffic jam; once the problem has been removed, the cars at the back of the line still have to wait to get moving.   You have to try it to be able to appreciate and feel it!!

Let’s get moving! :

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