Welcome to Your Energy Healing!

My name is Josée Jobin.

I am a Certified Bio-Energy Healing Practitioner and a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner.

Je suis Francophone et donc ravie de pouvoir vous aider en Français!  Contactez moi pour en savoir plus. Un site internet viendra sous peu.

Is your emotional baggage holding you back?
Are you “sick” of it?
Are you ready to do something about it?

The answer is YOUR energy!

I have always had a passion for Energy Healing, and to be of service to people. I have studied shiatsu massage, reflexology, Traditional Chinese Medicine. Those commendable modalities are Energy Healing too,  with their own different approach.
But that was not “it” for me.

I then pursued my learning journey and my path led me to the great awareness that Trapped Emotions, Emotional Baggage, internal conflicts, stress, trauma and blockages in your Energy-Field are often the culprits. After I did my own clean up… and experienced the benefits of sessions of Bio-Energy Healing and Emotion Code, that was “IT” for me. Those are the most efficient, fast and powerful modalities I have learned, experienced and worked with for the past years.

Energy Healing allows the healing of the spirit, therefore, the body and mind. I do not treat diseases, rather, I address client’s imbalances and the goal is to remove emotional, mental and spiritual blocks to the body’s natural ability to heal.

Your body has amazing abilities to heal itself, it already does when you break a bone, recover from a surgery, cut or bruise yourself…. The body have the power to create and give birth to another complete human being!  The same power is your healing energy.

To what emotional baggage are you giving away your health, your energy, your power, your joy, your creativity? 

“You can’t do the same things and experience different results!”  The Emotion Code and Bio-Energy Healing are different.  It is time to see your body and your health from a whole new perspective and to let go of what is holding you back. Every trapped emotions I release for you and every blockages and imbalances I address for you is a leap towards your freedom, your well-being, your shifts, on to new beginnings!

I want to help people to get back into the pure spirit that they should be, to empower them to become who they intend to. I want to help to release their pains, traumas, self-defeating behaviours fall away, and the pure essence of each individual shines from each heart.  

Please, read more about The Emotion Code, Heart Wall Removal and Bio-Energy Healing to find out how trapped emotions and blockages in your body are affecting you, your family, your pets, and find out what can be done about it!  You will realize how easy yet powerful it is to make a change, for your health, for your life.

From my heart to yours,  Josée     http://healingenergysession@gmail.com

(Please ignore ads that could pop in my website. Thanks for keeping an opened mind!)

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